Is Full Range Always Better for Hypertrophy

How many times have we all heard or read phrases like you must use a full range of motion, go all the way down, lock out at the top, touch the bar to your chest, ass to grass, partial range equals partial development, and the list goes on. To maximize muscle hypertrophy and development yes […]

How to Progress Training from Home

There’s one big question on everyones mind right now; How to progress training from home with limited equipment? Right now, with so many gyms around the world being shut down and everyone locked in their homes due to the Coronavirus epidemic, many people are wondering what they can do from home to maintain their health, […]

The 4 Metabolic Types – The Key To Understanding How Your Metabolism Works

The Key to Understanding How Your Metabolism Works There are many genetic and environmental factors that determine an individual’s metabolic type and how they respond to various dietary protocols.  At the genetic level this includes muscle insulin sensitivity, hormone levels, protein turnover ratio, cellular oxidation rate, sympathetic nervous system drive, methylation rate, mitochondrial efficiency, muscle […]