Legends Never Die – The Lessons I Learned Training With Charles Poliquin

From early in my career as a trainer I have been a big fan of Charles Poliquin’s work. I have read all his books and articles, and have attended all of his courses and seminars. Last week when I received the shocking news that Charles had suddenly passed away, it was a very devastating moment […]

5 Keys to Maximizing Your Genetic Potential as a Natural Lifter

Weather you compete in bodybuilding or simply train to look your best, if you have been training for any prolonged period of time you no doubt would have seen your progress come to a screeching halt.  After all it’s not uncommon for a natural bodybuilder near the ceiling of their genetic potential to struggle to […]

Are You Missing The Big Picture?

Every day am I asked by students, gym rats, and everyday folks about the latest fad diet, the optimal sets and reps scheme, HIIT vs fasted cardio, or which fat burning supplements to take. I even get asked about anabolic steroids all the time by guys who don’t even train or follow a proper dietary […]