The 4 Metabolic Types – The Key To Understanding How Your Metabolism Works

The Key to Understanding How Your Metabolism Works There are many genetic and environmental factors that determine an individual’s metabolic type and how they respond to various dietary protocols.  At the genetic level this includes muscle insulin sensitivity, hormone levels, protein turnover ratio, cellular oxidation rate, sympathetic nervous system drive, methylation rate, mitochondrial efficiency, muscle […]

Peri-Workout Nutrition 101 – 5 Things You Should Know

Like many other things in the health and fitness industry post workout nutrition is a very controversial topic. Recent research has given us greater insight into post workout nutrition and the role it plays in recovery, performance, and body composition changes. In this article we are going to address 5 things you should know about […]

How to Determine Your Optimal Macronutrient Ratio

For a long time now there has been an on going debate amongst personal trainers, nutritionists, and gym rats alike about what constitutes the optimal macro nutrient ratio to improve health and body composition. Some swear by low carb diets claiming that weight gain and poor health are due to elevated insulin rather calories, others […]

The Clean Eating Debate

In recent years there has been an ongoing debate in the fitness industry about food quality vs food quantity. I am often asked by students and peers alike what is my stance on the whole clean eating vs IFFYM debate. I personally believe food quantity and food quality are both important and are not mutually […]

The Undereating Controversy

From working with hundreds of clients over the years, developing our teams of trainers accross multiple companies, and more recently lecturing personal trainers around the world on health, training and nutrition, one thing that never ceases to amaze people is the sheer amount of calories I recommend for fat loss. I have sat in rooms with […]